Songwriters tonight

Tonight we're going to the new McCaw
at Seattle Center to see what's being billed as the Songwriter's
.  It's an acoustic evening with Mary Chapin Carpenter, Shawn Colvin,
Patty Griffin and Dar Williams, together on stage.  I heard about it on the radio
a while back, and set an alarm on my Treo so I'd get good seats when they went on
sale.  When it came time, I logged on to Ticketmaster, and couldn't find it initially
because it wasn't listed by any of their individual names (although it had been in
other cities.)   I *was* finally able to find it, though, and got what look
to be pretty good seats -- I'm excited to see the new Hall, this will be the first
time I've been in it, although it opened in June.  I'm also very excited to see
the concert which has gotten good reviews (Philladelphia, St.
) as an informal, collaborative and most of all, fun, evening.  Ack,
I better get ready!

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  1. Jeff Julian says:

    That sounds like a good show.

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