My traveling favorites

For a while now, I've been using a Blogger page as a traveling favorites and personal
knowledge management system -- it's very handy.  I keep it as my browser
homepage on my home and work computers, and on someone else's computer, it's only
a URL away.  This allows me to have all of my favorites at my fingertips
at all times.

Recently Shawn asked me for a copy of
the template I use.  I cleaned out a bunch of links and gave it to him, with
the warning that the HTML is Ugggggly.  Then, today, I saw the copy on my desktop
and thought I would put it up and post about it.  So, here
it is
, in all it's glory, and some explanation.  If you have any questions
or would like a copy of the template, feel free to ask.  My email address is
lauraj at microsoft dot com.

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