FoodMovers: Building Distributed Applications using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

Because I subscribe to the MSDN Just Published RSS
, I noticed that we've released a 6 part technical article/project by
Brian Travis.

"Through this project of six sections, you will learn how Microsoft Visual Studio
.NET Enterprise Architect Edition can be used to design, create, deploy, and maintain
enterprise-strength distributed applications."

It starts with this
 on our .Net Architecture
Dev Center

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  1. Bruce Bacheller says:


    Here are some comments on Brian’s First Article.

    In my opinion

    I think Frank Lloyd Wright would be the Strategic Architect ( also known as Visionary or Chief Architect )!!!

    He would have a Senior Architect that would be responsible for overall building design. Integrating with other buildings might or might not come under this area of concern. I don’t think they would have called him an "Enterprise Architect"

    A building project would have a Project Architect (Technical Architect or Technical PM) that have responsibility for the whole design and implementation with input and guidence from the Strategic and Senior ("Enterprise") architect.

    Architecture Subject Matter Experts (Probably actually junior architects) would design and manage specific architecural components or building subsystems, probably relying on engineers in specific discplines to build/implement like a HVAC engineer. in the system world, I would call these Component Architects or Solution Architects.

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