Connected DVD Player

Oh, and if you were wondering, “Hey, where’d the music go?”, No worries, I’m just listening to my playlists on our new Gateway connected DVD player.  The software has a MusicMatch plug-in, so I got ALL my playlists and music when I scanned — what more could a girl ask for?  Well, besides that it…


Sharepoint love

Tonight I updated our MSDN Intranet and I was reminded, once again, how much I love Sharepoint/WSS.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, there are things that I would absolutely change if I could… like not being able to switch an events list/calendar to begin and end dates rather than date/time or not being able to…


Fabulous concert, and venue!

What an amazing concert.  First of all, the new auditorium is beautiful, and very sound-a-licious.  The way they’ve arranged the seating is really wonderful — the boxes look like they’re floating in air (like at Benaroya).  Our seats were SO good that I couldn’t keep a grin off my face as we were waiting for…


Songwriters tonight

Tonight we’re going to the new McCaw Hall at Seattle Center to see what’s being billed as the Songwriter’s tour.  It’s an acoustic evening with Mary Chapin Carpenter, Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin and Dar Williams, together on stage.  I heard about it on the radio a while back, and set an alarm on my Treo…


Developer Perspective: Newsgroups or forums?

Yesterday I was talking with Betsy and Tina about Newsgroups vs. Forums, and whether developers prefer one over the other. For me, it’s kind of a mixed bag.  In general, I like the rich client experience that I see in forums, but I also like the ability to search across newsgroups with Google Groups. But…


Outlook/Newsgator Test Post

This is a test of posting from Outlook via the Newsgator plug-in. [Now Playing: Indigo Girls – Least Complicated (Live) (05:15)] Updated to add category and change title.


It was a good dream, I think…

Okay, apparently I dreamt that there was a BlogX WMP plugin and that I installed it. As to what really happened, well, I’m not exactly sure.  Perhaps I’ve entered the twilight zone.  I recently started a personal blog, and now I’m feeling a little like I have multiple personalities. I’m not sure what I posted where,…


MSDN Bloggers resurface

Gosh, I look away for a couple days, and *poof* Tommy and Andy, two of my favorite MSDN bloggers resurface. Yippee!


Music on the laptop

I got an iPod early this year, and spent a bunch of time ripping most of our CD’s, but since then, all of my music has been on my home desktop machine.  At work I just plug my iPod into some rockin’ portable speakers.  Since I’ve been at MSDN, though, I’ve been using my laptop…


My traveling favorites

For a while now, I’ve been using a Blogger page as a traveling favorites and personal knowledge management system — it’s very handy.  I keep it as my browser homepage on my home and work computers, and on someone else’s computer, it’s only a URL away.  This allows me to have all of my favorites at…