is amazing.  Everywhere
I turn, there she is, talking to someone, hooking this person and that person up;
she has apparently boundless energy. Then I read her blog, and she's been to all the
sessions, too.  And then dinner with the boys. Julia found my blog early on,
and has been very encouraging; I'm indebted to her for that. Here is a
of Julia
(in the middle) with two MVPs and Student Ambassadors,
Shawn Pikus and Stacey Yasenka.  I thought
I had posted more pictures of her to the PDC2003 site, but the results of mailing
from my phone to that site (and my own on textamerica) haven’t been very consistent.   prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"
though, it’s fun.)


also the one who got the WomenWhoCode BoF off the ground.  It
was a wonderful way to start the week, since it gave me a “preview” of some of the
wonderful and amazing women at the conference. 
For example,
I probably never would have walked up to
much less joked around with her, if it hadn’t been for the BoF.    

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