You *must* check out MSDN

Over the last several
months, everyone at MSDN has been working really hard to present a wealth of features
and content for the PDC.  Of course you’re probably already been to the Longhorn
Developer Center
and the PDC Central site,
but have you found our new technology playground, the MSDN
"urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />? 
This is a place where we can try out new things, and drive deeper interaction with
developers. We're really excited about it, and are anxious to hear what you think
about both the lab itself and the features it contains. We're especially excited
about the Annotations Service.  (
Andy Oakley, who maybe at some
point will start blogging again,

 was the PM for this feature, and this /> is
a photo of him the day it signed off.  I missed, by mere seconds, capturing the
look of excitement and pride on his face when the first annotations started flowing


Chris Sells

has been chomping at the bit to get the


launched, and I’m sure there will be a steady stream of content flowing in the months
ahead.  Did you find the
feature?  Kent wrote
the RSS viewer that includes the RSS feed from Chris'
.  (You can also see another version of the same control consuming and
presenting the Commnet session feed direct from LA on the PDC Central site.)
Rumor has it that Kent might be releasing the code, along with an article. We've
newsgroups into
the LHDC. 


And for Whidbey users,
we’ve released Online F1, the first part of our MSDN/VS integration.  To
turn it on, go to Tools | Options | Environment | Help, and check “Use Online Help
for F1”.  You can help us make this feature
better by using the UI to give us feedback if we return the wrong topic. 


We’re also excited to be hosting
Carl Franklin’s .Net Rocks radio
.  On the magazine front, the
a great resource, and timely, being all about security, plus there’s a
especially for PDC.


I’m sure I’m missing something
or several somethings, but my real intention was to entice to you stop by MSDN and
explore, and hopefully I’ve done that!

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