Working the MSDN Booth

Wow, the time is going by so quickly here at PDC.  I've been working the MSDN
booth a lot.  We had some pretty cool swag, which was fun, but somewhat frustrating
as well. Lots of folks are interested in how much cool stuff they can collect. 
There's nothing wrong with this (and I've certainly done it myself!) but it also means
that the booth is crowded, and people who might stop by with a question or comment
can be put off by the press of people.  I find myself looking forward to working
in the booth tomorrow when I'm guessing that the coolest item will be gone, and we'll
have time to really talk with folks.  Please stop by and tell us what you think
about MSDN, especially the new features that we've launched.  (If you haven't
discovered all of them yet, stay tuned, I'll be posting about the entirety just a
little later.)

Don't forget that tonight (Tuesday) is Ask The Experts -- there will be over
100 tables with developers from all the product groups spread throughout the room:
7 p.m. until 9 p.m. in Hall G-H.

Also, if you're at PDC and you haven't installed the commnet application yet, I hightly
recommend it. On the wireless network or in Internet Alley, you can download it from http://commnet
Many of the powerpoints are available online and for download.


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