What’s the deal with…

This morning, as I was driving my 11 year old son to school, one of the morning show
announcers said "And after our break, the dark side of viagra." Even as I'm reaching
for the tuner, this prompts, of course, "So what's the deal with viagra?" 
Now, "what's the deal" can mean "what is it" or "what does it do" or "why
are they talking about it" or "that is so totally lame" or any number of yet
to be determined meanings.  It's all in the context.  And the tone of voice. 
But in this case I couldn't decipher those clues.  "Oh, just some drug," I say,
as I proceed to change the channel. 

"Yeah, but what's the deal?" I sigh, and try again,
"No big deal, really, it's just a drug."  Uh oh.  "What kind of drug?"  That question,
I knew the meaning of, and couldn't shirk, so we both had to suffer through an explanation. 
An 11 year old doesn't need to know about viagra.  Me, I blame spam.  Spam
Sucks. Spam is everywhere.  What I want to know is, "What's the deal with spam?"

It must work or they wouldn't keep using it.  But really, who would believe
any of the preposterous claims that they make in spam?  Don't most people delete
them without even opening them (the ones that slip by the rules, that is)?  I'm
telling everyone I know: "Stop opening and clicking on or responding to spam. Don't
unsubscribe, just delete it."

Comments (2)

  1. Anon says:

    Why was giving the explanation so painful? He already knows about sex. Practicing being open will help him in the long term

  2. lj says:

    It was painful because while he knows about sex, including a general overview of the mechanics, he’s still at the point where he thinks it’s gross and finds talking about anyone’s penis with his mom excruciatingly embarrassing. His pain was embarrassment. Mine was his embarrassment.

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