Bad things about the Treo 600, or I’m annoyed as hell

Okay, just to be "fair and balanced", I have to tell you about 2 things that I find
extremely annoying about the Treo 600. 

1) Download a ringtone, just one ringtone, and your system sounds are toast. 
Apparently you have to download a ringtone manager, but neither one of the ones that
are available work on MY device.

2) And if you do download ringtones without a ringtone manager, the next time you
synch, they'll all be gone.  All of them.  Get Smart, gone.  Pink Panther,
Gone.  Pinball Wizard, Gone.  All of them, gone. And remember, the systems
sounds are gone too. 

On the plus side, it exactly fits in the Generation 2 IPod original case.

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  1. Zex says:

    Fits very nice in 1st gen ipod case also!! Damned if i am going to pay a nickle for a rintone from sprint. I am sure soon someone will come up with a good solution for making ringtones on the treo.

  2. metaD says:

    You are way off base on the system sounds issue… it is only you.

    I have downloaded many ringtones onto my 600 and I have all my system tones still in place. I have both emailed the tones and downloaded them off websites – either way, the system tones are fine. I think you have something special going on in your case. Did you have a ringtone manager on an older Treo that you migrated?

  3. RedKipper says:

    Ring tone-manager ? Sming-tone manager !!

    Has anyone tried emailing the .midi file containing the tone/sound/whatever of their choice (as attachment) to their Treo 600 ? Just click the attachment, save at the prompt and go into (or it’ll probably take you to) ‘manage’ on the sounds screen – and there it is !! Auto inserted as a tone or ring ! And if you have them on your PC….. EASY !

    IF you still have a problem with Hotsync getting rid, try editing your backup on your PC to add the tones to the config files…..

  4. Trying2LuvTreo says:

    There are many things to like about Treo, but I must admit I paid a LOT of money for a device to which I often have to add "bandaid" software for it to perform expected functions. For example, if I want to access ICQ or Yahoo, I need VeriChat that I must buy and then pay an annual fee to use. And what about SMS access to send messages? I feel I am being nickel and dimed just to get the device to perform as other pda phones. Why can’t the Treo come out the box with the software necessary to be mobile Tell me is it me, am I imagining all of this? Is it all a bad dream?

  5. tune says:

    I can’t download ringtones or maybe l don’t know how to do it, all ringtones downloaded, can’t be find on treo…HELP

  6. tom says:

    same problem. download ringtones and can’t find ’em…please help

  7. climber rich says:

    I had a similar problem with lost ringtones. Turns out that an old palm os4 program somehow created a conflict with the ringtones and I lost them. The only way to solve the problem was to delete the old program, do a hard reset and the restore using hotsync. I can’t say which program caused the conflict–I got rid of a bunch of old ones.

  8. cheddar says:

    I have added plenty of ringtones to my Treo 600. Just download a .mid/.midi file, then transfer them via the infrared port on your laptop. If you don’t have an IR port nor a laptop, I suggest borrowing one from a friend. I’ll be damned if I have to pay to download a ringtone.

  9. Jaxx says:

    Ringtunes on the Treo 600 are utter rubbish. There are 3 things that bug me with this otherwise danmed fine bit of equipment. 1-Ringtones, how pants are they?

    2-Camera quality. Jesus, a disposable camera has better quality

    3-Bluetooth. There is no Bluetooth!!!!

    A few of my friends upgraded to the Nokia 6600, and tunes on them are great. Proper drum riffs, sound real. I wish there was a way to play stuff like that on the Treo as a tune!!!

    As for paying for my Data calls, That I don’t have a problem with. 38MB I used last month, and it cost £7 (bearing in mind here that I work for a mobile network! and in England!). Good ole GPRS!

  10. jak says:

    I just download the midi files, they go into my sounds directory, I can select them, it’s a good thing.

    Trouble is that all the midi’s I download are too frikkin long! 🙂

  11. dawwwgy says:

    Well i have had my Treo600 replaced twice by pa1mone faulty speaker etc… but apart from that it has been great!! Sounds suck my arse out but i am still looking for a midi site worth downloading tones for… any ideas anyone? please send a link!!!

  12. Brian says: – Where I get all my ringtones.

  13. terryg128 says:

    Forget what you heard… go to You pay a one-time $6 fee (called a "donation") and you can get all the downloads you want… When you register, you key in your phone number, and when you download a ringtone, you send it to your "locker." At the same time, the site sends a text message directly to your phone where you can download it right onto Treo… no hot sync or IR ports to deal with. I have dozens of ringtones and haven’t had one problem with any of them…

    I’m in the US so not sure if it all works for those in other countries, but here, it’s great.

  14. John says:

    I agree with many above comments. My biggest complaints about the Treo 600:

    1 – the camera absolutely sucks – why did they bother? it is unusable

    2 – such a great unit – why oh why the low res screen?????

    3 – no voice recorder or voice dialing ( I miss this since my Kyocera did both)

    Best idea – scrap the stupid camera and give us #2 & #3.

  15. clare says:

    I was going to buy thr treo 600, but no , oh no! the hell no! noooooooooooooooooH!!

  16. samantha says:

    what is really going on? what is the real deal with this treo 600? out of 100 people, how many are satisfied and unsatisfied?

  17. clare says:

    I was going to buy the treo 600, but no , oh no! the hell no! noooooooooooooooooH!!

  18. catgirl7272 says:

    does and work for treo 600

  19. EvilHomer says:

    If you dingdongs bought the Treo for ringtones, you bought the wrong phone. You should return this powerful business tool for something with shiny, blinking lights and neat sounds.


  20. JLou says:

    I have had absolutely no issues with the Treo600. I agree with the comments about the low res screen and the voice dialing. Having owned the HP5550 had to get reaclimated to the Palm OS. I also agree this is the wrong tool if all you want are nice ring tones. However, I do wish I could find an alarm/alert tone similar to the basic Motorola Skytel pagers for SMS messaging since it now serves as my pager.

  21. Aaron says:

    Go to you can download movie recorder and voice recorder for free…

  22. Marty says:

    How about sound quality when using the ear bud? People have made so many comments that I sound like I am talking into a tin-can that I had to leave myself a message. It totally sounds like crap. Hey how about getting the phone to work? I need the qaulity to match a landline or the treo isn’t worth diddly. It seems to be ok without the headset but it is illegal to use the phone that way while driving. Anyone know any better headsets than the one the pack with the phone?

  23. Stu Pidd says:

    Use the speakerphone…forget the ear bud.

  24. Roger says:

    A Palm & a telephone & an MP3 player – what else can you want? Well – I’m really pissed that Palm omitted the alarm clock. I’ve got a hack of Big Clock that pretty much works. But the Palm works better than ever, the telephone works better than my Nokia 6340 and connect Bose headphones to pTunes and wow! The camera stinks – who cares – if you want quality pictures go buy a real digital camera.

  25. I bought the first Treo 600 that came to Norway, and i had it for a month or so.

    I need:

    Alarm Clock

    A PDA that dont freze

    A mobil that updates when you drive and change nettwork(it only goes No Nettwork) and i have to restart the phone part.

    The phone is a greate idé, but need som upgrade.

    I only use it for the PDA now, and for powerpoint presentasions(greate) with the SD cable

  26. marco says:

    any suggestions for a good website to download the ringtones?

  27. TreoBlue says:

    When you buy a multi-function device that has a phone as it’s primary function – you might think that the phone would actually work … not true with the Treo – the sound sucks wind. The touble seems to be in the mic – it’s just as bad with speaker, handset, or ear bud. Tried three ear buds – no better – on second phone from Palm – still sucking wind. Second is actually worse than first – FIX THE PROBLEM Palm – or these messages are going to get to Wall Street.

  28. Logan says:

    OK, I’m in.

    I got a Treo 600 from Sprint for the low low price of $600. First problem: It rebooted every time I tried to turn on the phone. If I went around the back and tried dialing anumber in order to get it to prompt me to turn on the phone, it connected in roaming mode no matter where I was. Finally, if it lost the signal, the phone would reboot. I called Sprint, who transferred me to another department, then to Handspring, who put me on hold for 15 minutes while they researched the problem and told me to bring my phone in to be exchanged.

    My "new" phone arrived a week later, and turned out to be a reconditioned phone. Two weeks after I got it, that phone died while I was on vacation. I went to the local Sprint store in San Diego, and was given a brand new phone to replace it. Sadly, since I was on vacation I didn’t have access to the backup of all the data I’d uploaded for use on vacation (maps, schedules, flight information, phone numbers).

    Now I’m on phone #3 and I’m experiencing the same problems that started me off: the roaming and rebooting. I hesitate to bring the phone in again to be fixed as I fear that I’ll start yet another cycle of dead phones and lost data. All I can say at this point is that after 6 loyal years, Palm is dead to me. 22 months from now, when my contract is up, I’m buying a phone with a Windows-based OS. I’ll never buy anything from Palm or Sprint again.

  29. killermiller says:

    How can you drive and not get killed!!!!!?????NO VOICE RECOGNITION? This phone is garbage and Verizon Wireless has no one that knows anything about this junk! Tried for help, they ren’t even wasting teir time on the Treo.

  30. Slander says:

    Wow…I have had my treo 600 since January. Have had NO problems. I would agree with an earliery comment…go to and get the FREE voice recorder and movie recorder. It works great and you can save it to the mem card.

    All in all… I like.

  31. shasta says:

    is there any way i can connect my treo 600 to a serial adapter to hotsync? my comp. woln’t recognize a usb.

  32. wgalman says:

    I guess I have been lucky…I have NEVER had a problem with my phone. Except for normal network issues that I experienced with my old phones as well. I use everything to the max…Sprint Business Conection for full use of Outlook on my exchange server at work, native POP3 email client, 3rd party POP3 email client, 3rd party clock program. Pictuer viewing. Speakerphone is a must and works perfectly; all usability is great. I think the thing rocks. I use the text messaging (SMS,I.M.)constantly. If I wanted to, I could drive my car, eat a hamburger, smoke a cigarette, and dial the phone all at once. Sprint offers voice dialing thru the network. I’ve dropped it several times from several feet up onto cement with no problems (only scratches). The battery has lasted more than a few days with above average use. I can read word files and excel files. It is highly customizable as well. The only thing I don’t really like is the quality of the camera which I could care less about anyway, and the lack of normal ringers which is why I came to this message board in the first place. With all the problems you guys are having you must have gotten the lemons of the production, or you probably shouldn’t be trying to use it in the first place.

  33. babyjunkie says:

    Am posting this in case somebody knows the answer to my problem. I called Palm One and they couldn’t figure it out. I downloaded the Palm Os software from CD and website as well. But when I try to open the PalmDesktop it will give me this message: Cannot initialize rich support text. I can HotSync, though. And the pictures that I took transferred to the Treo Pictures folder on my computer. The phone is fine. I just can’t download stuff my internet/computer to my phone via the PalmDesktop. Can anyone help? I am tired of installing and deinstalling the software.

  34. jwarner191 says:

    the Treo 600 screen comes on by itself at 03:30 and this is annoying…I contacted Sprint and they have no clue… this seems to happen with all Treo 600s

  35. prozacula says:

    i love my treo 600. no problems at all.

    maybe you folks just can’t use it!

  36. happy user says:

    camera sucks, gprs connectivity sucks, resolution sucks, sound sucks…

    but great for sms messaging, call management, lots of free software around, one-hand navigation… I just switched from an O2XDA. and im happy with the treo just cause i dont use a stylus that much anymore.

  37. cincity says:


  38. JAbberWalkie says:

    Buy iTunes and Lightwave 3.0. Ringtones are now any mp3…. sweet

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