Lifesize Chris

Okay, this is too funny.... A ChrisAn
that links to a picture of
ChrisAn practicing for PDC in Don Box's office, and you can easily see a life-sized
stand-up of Chris Sells.  And Don talking about the impact that the cardboard
Chris has on his team.  At MSDN we really could use one of those, since Chris
is mostly a telecommuter and we miss him when he's not in the office.  I'd bet
that Andy would object, though since
the office that he shares with Chris looks to be much smaller than Don Box's office.
(via Don
via Scoble.)

Speaking of Andy, he's been hard at work on something we're going to be unveiling through
the new Dev
that Chris Sells has been working on. I'm thinking you'll agree Andy's
project is very cool.  I wonder if he'll start blogging again when he's not so
busy with PDC things.

Comments (3)

  1. I say we just go free Chris Sells from Don’s office. After all, he deserves to see the rest of the campus! 🙂

  2. Actually, that cut-out is *not* life-sized. It’s several inches shorter than Chris in real life. There’s a picture somewhere that shows him, and Jeff Richter, and someone else I don’t remember standing next to their cardboard cutouts. Chris is several inches taller than his, although the others seem to be pretty close.

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