The road map to peace is dead

The one thing that causes me despair in what is otherwise a pretty damn good life
is the Israel-Palestinian conflict.  Too many times I've seen intelligent and
reasonable people that I love and respect stop just short of blows in passionate discussions
of who's at fault.  And this is in our comfortable living rooms, far from the
land in question. And what should be done?  We all shake our heads
and admit that there aren't any easy or clear answers. Each time I hear
about another suicide bombing my heart aches at the very real desperation that
is behind them, and the one step closer that each terrorist act (on both sides) brings
us to what could be an annihilated middle-east. 
Right and wrong have both become shades of gray. 

I was heartened, somewhat, by this
opinion piece
in the CSM which proposes a binational
Israel-Palestine.  It seems so far-fetched, but really, is there any other choice?

The end of the dream of a monocultural "Jewish state"?
Yes. But in the Holy Land, as in South Africa, it could be the start of a hopeful
new chapter in human history. For Jewish Israelis, as for Afrikaans-speaking and English-speaking
South Africans, they could still be living in a multicultural state in which their
language, their culture, and their religion would be fully embraced.

Is is possible for the people in Israel and Palestine to face
forward, into the future, rather than trying desperately to hold on to the past? I
hope we have the opportunity to find out.

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