Thayer’s visit

Yesterday evening Thayer came
to visit me. My office has tons of candy and snacks sitting on a table, and Thayer
knows well where they are. As he stands staring at the candy on the table...

Hi Thayer, would you like a candy?


Which one would you like? Thayer points at the container of red vines.

Would you like two? (I love seeing him with a gooey one in each hand, running
down the hall.  ) Thayer nods, so  I hand him two and he runs out the door,
and holds one up to John (my boss). They start down the hall together, and I step
out of my office...

Bye Thayer!

He turns around and give me a big smile and a wiggle of his red vine...

Thank you!

Such a polite boy, it must be his mom's influence!

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