I work with the funnest people!

Or is that
the most fun?
  Whatever.  This made me laugh almost as much as Sean
and Chris dancing together at the last MSDN BBQ, but I guess it would be rude to post
pictures of that without permission 😉

Comments (7)

  1. Chris Sells says:

    Just so folks don’t think I’m a total slut, that was a different Chris dancing with Sean at the BBQ. : )

  2. lj says:

    Oops! Sorry about that, yes, absolutely a different Chris. One we’re looking forward to having back with us when he graduates!

  3. lj says:

    See? Tommy’s fun, too! (And I didn’t have to post them 😉

  4. Lucy says:

    Fun is more important than work I need feed back for a paper I am writing

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