Unsolicited email

I stayed at the Westin last Saturday night.  When I made the reservation, they
asked for my email address so they could send me a confirmation. 
I asked at the time if they would use my email address for anything else and they
assured me that they wouldn't. 

This morning I got an email encouraging me to come back and visit the Westin again. 
I guess I expected as much -- no big deal, I can just unsubscribe, I thought. I'm
usually easygoing about such things. When I clicked the unsubscribe link though, it
took me to a page where I needed to create an account for myself before I could log
in and unsubscribe.  Now that is a crock.

Comments (2)

  1. Ian says:

    One site, http://www.mailshell.com (see my email address here?). I used it everywhere.
    It really throws em when you say, err, westin@iwhite.net , don’t worry – it’ll get there.

    VERY VERY handy. I am a zero spam boy, with no spam filters running. I just never give anyone my work email address. Well, only mailshell 😉

  2. ATG says:

    Argh! That is frustrating. A ticket purchasing site did the same thing to me when I ordered hockey tickets once last year. Now if I try and unsubscribe it asks me to enter username and password – which I have no idea what I used a year ago. I keep adding to my block senders list and that doesn’t even work all the time. Long story short I created a rule to delete but the point is I shouldn’t of had to.

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