People at Microsoft

John Pocaro has
several fab posts today -- great insights as always. He also points us to a new entry
on DianeR's
, which was new to me -- some amazingly personal insights, very inspiring.
She's officially on my list of future recipients of my "Hi you don't know me but I
read your blog. Want to have lunch?" emails.

This afternoon as I was getting ready for a 1:1 with my boss, I heard someone in the
hall say something that sounded like "...she's a gearhead too" and then in popped Shawn to
see if I wanted to join an afternoon run to Fry's. "What are you going to get?" I
asked. Of course the answer was "I don't know." That's what my answer would have been
too, and still I wanted to go.  I couldn't spare the time so I guess I'll have
to tune in to his blog later. I didn't hear who was with him, but it sounded like
a group... Get ready for a bunch of posts about geek gear and lots of giggling. And
of course that gearhead couldn't have been directed at me... well, it could be, I
guess, because of the day that I ran down to his office when I thought I
read in his blog that he got the Treo 600. That could certainly be misinterpreted,

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