Windows Live WiFi

While I’ve been away from this blog, I’ve been working with the MSN Access team.  We provide dial-up access to a ton of users across the United States but we’ve also been working on a stealth project that we’re now ready to Beta — Windows Live WiFi.  This version is pretty basic, but you’ll want…


Getting support/help on SharePoint and InfoPath

As 2006 rolls in, it seems like a good time to remind folks about support resources for SharePoint and InfoPath.  Each month I get one to several emails requesting help with a specific problem — as intriguing as some of those questions are, I just don’t have time to research and answer them.  So, if…


MSN Billpay Troubles

This past weekend we tried to get into MSN Billpay to pay a couple of bills.  The signin UI has changed several times in the past year or so, but usually we’re able to figure it out eventually.  This time, however, we were stumped.  Even though we were signed in to our .net Passport, it…



Wow, it’s been a long time since the last time I blogged.  Much has happened in my world in the intervening months…  I left MSDN & TechNet several months ago and have been immersing myself in a new job and a new role.  I’m now leading the Service Delivery team for the MSN Access group. …


InfoPath: Adding a button to switch between views

The ability to have multiple views of information and multiple uses for forms is one of the great features of InfoPath. And yet, any person responsible for supporting the users working with the forms can tell you that it can be a real challenge to users to have to switch views via the menu system….

Cross-Site Groups in SharePoint

There’s a great article by Adam Macaulay on MSD2D about using Cross-Site groups to manage your SharePoint users.  It’s written from a CorasWorks perspective, but don’t let thinking it’s a promotional piece keep you from reading it — it has lots of excellent information for the SharePoint administrator including a discussion of the types of permission…


New SharePoint Magazine

Wow, has it really been since September since I posted last?  The weeks and months go by so fast! Well, rather than put off this post because it will take too long to write a “where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing” post, I’m just going to dive right back in… Today I received…


Redux: Excel tip: Split first name and last name into separate cells

In response to my post on splitting names into multiple columns in Excel, someone (who listed themselves as “me”) posted the following comment: very interesting, but there is a problem – when you split the names into two or three columns using this method and there are variations of first+last and first+middle+last names within the…


Mixed Language pages – What do you think?

I’m working in London this week, and yesterday we were talking about mixed language pages.  My question to the group I was working with was this: If we could provide components on signed in pages like the Visual Studio 2005 Developer Center, which is currently an English language page, that were targeted at users in different locales in…


MSDN Information Architecture

Please welcome Paula Land to the land-o-blogs!  Paula is MSDN’s Information Architect, and is going to be posing you some interesting questions, including what you think of the sneak preview of the new MSDN Library Table of Contents.  You’ll have to go to her blog find the sneak preview 😉