"The Story about Ping", someone else’s book review

I was looking up old favorite children’s books on Amazon the other day and I ran into one of my childhood favorites: The Story about Ping, a family about ducks living on the Yangtze river in China… I eventually scrolled down and noticed the first review of the book by John E. Fracisco: Ping! I…


The ducking whitepaper is now online

I just got an email indicating that the powers that be have just published the Ducking (automatic volume adjustment for communications applications) whitepaper that I mentioned during my PDC Talk.    It’s the whitepaper entitled “Stream Attenuation in Windows 7”.  This is a preliminary version of the final ducking documentation and should be good enough to…


I get more spam :)

I just received this phishing letter, I liked it simply because it was so remarkably brazen: — Dear Webmail User, This message was sent automatically by a program on Webmail which periodically checks the size of inbox, where new messages are received. The program is run weekly to ensure no one’s inbox grows too large….


What’s wrong with this code, part 25 – the answers

Yesterday I described a very real bug in some of the Windows UI. CControlLayout::CControlLayout(const HWND hWndControl, const HWND hWndDlg) : m_hWnd(hWndControl) , m_hWndDlg(hWndDlg) { // Get the parent (dialog) rect, and the control rect ::GetClientRect(m_hWndDlg, &m_rcRefDlg); ::GetWindowRect(m_hWnd, &m_rcRef); ScreenToClientRect(hWndDlg, m_rcRef); } void ScreenToClientRect(/* [in] */ const HWND hWndClient, /* [in/out] */ RECT &rcInOut) { CPoint…


What’s wrong with this code, part 25

Wow, 25 already. This one’s pretty straightforward.  Once again, it’s a UI issue, since I’ve been spending most of my time doing UI lately. In this particular case, the code comes from the constructor for an auto-layout class that is used internally in one of our tools.  It saves away window handles for a control…


If you live in the US, don’t forget to vote today

It’s a really big deal, regardless of your political persuasion.   Already the MSFT internal mailing lists have been filled with people asking “how long are the lines at my polling place”.  The good news is that the times appear to be pretty good – people seem to be getting in and out in very…


PDC 2008, Day 4 (and finale)

Ok, the PDC’s finally over and I’ve had a chance to decompress a bit.  So here’s my day 4 report, only a few days late :). I got up at 6:15, finished packing and schlepped my stuff to the convention center for my tech check at 7:40.   At the tech check, I learned that…


PDC 2008, Day 3

I got finished late yesterday, so sorry this post is coming so late. Yesterday was yet another blast.  I got up, had a “real” breakfast in the hotel buffet (I’m not sure it was actually better than the breakfast at the PDC though :().  Then I headed over to the conference center.  I spent most…


PDC 2008, Day Two

Wow, it’s midnight on day two.  What a day. I started the day at the Win7 keynote.  It was amazing how the product was received by our customers – I’m really gratified that people seemed to like what they saw.  You know you’re in a group of geeks when the biggest applause line of the…


PDC 2008, Day 1

Wow, today’s been a long day.  For whatever reason, I woke up at 4 AM and wasn’t able to get back to sleep :(.  On the other hand, I did get this cool picture from outside my window: When I got to the convention center I discovered that they were right – this place is…