Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen and Fifteen years ago (1994-1998)

Sorry, I was off on Friday so no post.  1994 was probably the most tumultuous year of my career at Microsoft.  In 1994, I left the NT team to join the “Tiger” team, a research project dedicated to building a media delivery infrastructure (in 1994, this was extremely ambitious since the MPEG standards had just recently been standardized and there was very little hardware out there that could handle the loads associated with rendering streams of compressed video data).  Unfortunately I really was unable to fit into the research development model so I ended up leaving the team after about 8 months to join the Exchange team.  In the Exchange team, I started working on the “Push Notification” feature for Exchange 4.0 (yes, “push” was a big deal even back in the mid 1990s) and working on backup and restore capabilities.  After Exchange 4.0, I worked on the POP3 server for Exchange 5.0 and the IMAP server for Exchange 5.5.  I had a HUGE amount of fun during those years, I spent a great deal of time working with the various IETF email task forces and met a whole bunch of insanely cool people.

On the family front, my daughter Sharron was born in May of 1994 :).

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  1. molotov says:

    Sorry, but had to chuckle at "push", and then "pop"… 🙂

  2. GarthK says:

    I first made your acquaintance during the summer of ’95 when I spent a goodly amount of time in B16 as one of the "BraveHearts" early adopters and you’re absolutely right; it was great fun to be a part of the Exchange Team, even as an outsider. I can particularly remember the (Friday?) afternoon meetings with BrianV giving a combined status and cheerleading session from the atrium steps. He would do almost anything to keep everyone fired up! 🙂 Fun times!

  3. BrianV was/is probably the most inspirational manager I’ve ever worked for.  He was remarkably good at convincing people to go the extra mile.

    I worked for Brian for most of my career at Microsoft in one capacity or another.  It was a bit like Animal House, but it was crazy fun.

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