I’m in LA!

I just got into LA and checked into my hotel for the PDC.  The flight was uneventful, while I was flying down, there was a most amazing sunset (I was in an isle seat so the picture’s kinda blurry – I didn’t have anything to stabilize the shot and it’s a somewhat long exposure):

PDC 2008 013 Once I got here, I found it was too late to register, that means that I’m going to have to brave the lines tomorrow morning – yech. 

I’m in the Bonaventure hotel which is quite nice, however the hotel room is annoyingly short of plugs – there are only 2 plugs available in the bedroom, and I’m using both of them for my laptops (I brought two down, one for day-to-day use and the other for the demo during my presentation – my day-to-day laptop acts as a backup  for the demo laptop if it fails) – my camera battery is currently charging in the bathroom.


I’m going to do daily posts of my overall PDC experiences, preferably with pictures as well.

Comments (3)

  1. Norman Diamond says:

    "I was in an isle seat"

    I got an even more spectacular sunset photo while taking a ferry from one isle to another.  The problem is that it looks fake, even though it was real.  Also it was on film.  Maybe some millennium I should buy a scanner for negatives.

  2. rsola says:

    Did you mean ‘aisle’? <grin>

    Very nice photograph, nonetheless.

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