Hold on, Oliver the Wonder Pony and his rider are ranked 14th in the Nation?



In the past, I've written about Oliver, the pony we bought a couple of years ago for my daughter to ride.  Sharron's long given up riding, but fortunately a young woman in our barn, Margaret Odom decided to take a flier on Oliver and the two have fallen in love.


Margaret's been doing really well on Oliver and we've always known that she's a skilled rider and that Oliver is a talented horse, but we just got notified that she's been invited to compete for the National Junior Dressage Championships in California next weekend (June 21-22).  Margaret is one of 12 junior riders nationally to receive this invitation.

She'll be competing in the same venue as the US Olympic dressage team will be holding the trials for the US National Dressage Team, and she'll be competing before the same judges as the National team.


8we05 odom oliver ceb (Small)

This is absolutely huge, and I want to give her and Oliver a huge shout out.  I'm just bummed that we can't be there to watch her compete.


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  1. John says:

    Man.  I wish I had the kind of money you need to buy a pony and then get rid of it a couple years later.

  2. Get rid of Oliver?  Not a chance.  Getting rid of him was never in the cards.  If Margaret hadn’t come along, we’d have found someone who wanted to ride him, he’s too awesome a horse to "get rid of".

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