Wow – We hired Crispin Cowan!!!

Michael Howard just announced that we've hired Crispin Cowan!

This is incredibly awesome, I have a huge amount of respect for Crispin, he's one of the most respected researchers out there.

Among other things, Crispin's the author and designer of AppArmor, which adds sandboxing capabilities to Linux.  Apparently he's going to be working on the core Windows Security team, which is absolutely cool.


I'm totally stoked to hear this - I literally let out a whoot when I read Michael's blog post.



Welcome aboard Crispin :).

Comments (5)

  1. JamesNT says:

    Excellent.  Another worshipper of the darkness has seen the light and joined the righteous cause!

    Welcome aboard, Crispen!

    Truly, today is a good day for the Empire!



  2. Igor Levicki says:

    Come on Larry post something new, staring at Crispin has become boring 🙂

  3. Igor Levicki says:

    Hey, everything ok there? Have you hit some post-SP1 audio showstopper or what? Some of us miss your posting.

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