Merry Christmas to everyone

We’re currently taking a break opening presents (when there’s 25 people at xmas, it takes a while :)), but I wanted to drop a note and wish everyone a very merry holiday season and a happy new year :).     Yeah, I know it’s dopey, but what do you expect – I’m on vacation…


Heard on a street corner in New York City

Nothing technical, just cute.  Yesterday afternoon, the family went to see “The Fantastiks” (which is still playing, albeit in a very small theater (the actor playing El Gallo had to crouch to avoid the ceiling).  During the show, a fire alarm went off, and we dutifully trudged downstairs to the street to await the arrival of…


Where’s Larry Been?

Sorry about not posting for so long – I’m on vacation for the month of December, so posting will be extremely light (even lighter than usual).   See y’all next year.