My wife and I are SUCH geeks.

Once again, nothing technical, but massively geeky (and maybe a bit TMI, but I figure most of the people reading this are grownups).

Last night, I was reading my email on my computer (which lives in our bedroom) when my daughter came in and asked "Where's Mom?".

I replied that I didn't know, I thought she was playing a game on the shared computer downstairs (we have 5 computers in the family, one for each of us, and a shared computer in the kitchen that's used for email and surfing the web - the kids computers don't have Internet access).  Sharron said that she had checked Valorie's office, and she wasn't there either.

I told Sharron that it wasn't a big deal, she was somewhere around, and then I heard the toilet flush.

Aha!  We've found Mom.  I went downstairs with Sharron and there was Valorie in the kitchen getting a glass of water.

Sharron: "Mom, where WERE you?  I was so worried!"

Valorie: "I was just going to the bathroom, you're upset that I took too long to pee?" *this is the TMI part*

Me: "I wasn't complaining about how long you were peeing"

Valorie "NIL!"[1]

Me: "P"[2]

Valorie "Pee P!"

Me: "T.[3]"

This went on for a couple of further iterations, and at some point both of us started rolling on the couch laughing (I did say we were geeks).

Sharron, on the other hand, looked at us like we were totally insane.

Sigh.  Sometimes I worry about my family's sanity.


[1] NIL is LISPish for false - it's literally an empty list

[2] For those who are not familiar with the hackers dictionary, "P" is the universal interrogative - you add "P" to the end of any noun to turn it into a question, so "FoodP" means "Do you want to get food?"

[3] And T is LISPish for True.  So one answer to the question "FoodP" is "T" while another is "Nil".

Comments (7)

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are a very lucky man.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good Pair, P





    Yup, geek am I, T

  3. Anonymous says:

    > and maybe a bit TMI

    Patent attorneys?  No.  Teens Missions International?  OK, some are mature enough, but mature enough for what?  Um, TMI Systems Design, no, it looks like they make non-computer systems.  Too Much Information?  Um, Too Many TMIs, but not enough information to figure out what this one means.

    > Valorie "Pee P!"

    She was asking if you wanted to peeP  With a bangP

    > Sharron, on the other hand, looked at us like we were totally insane.

    > Sigh.  Sometimes I worry about my family’s sanity.

    Reverse inheritance:  Sharron figured it out before you.  But I’ll bet your cats figured it out first  ^_^

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes I also had this kind of conversation with my classmates (in Chinese of course). It made us feel closer by talking through something others can’t understand, worked kind of shared secrets. 😛

    Oh, the good old days in school……

  5. Anonymous says:

    If Sharron needed a pee she would have found Valorie.

    The moral of this story is:  Tell Sharron to mind her pee and queue.

  6. Anonymous says:

    All of this wouldn’t happen if your wife brought her cell phone to the bathroom 🙂

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