Tonight’s the Night…

Nothing technical, just proud parent stuff.

Tonight we're going to see the 5th Avenue High School Musical Awards for the first time.  The 5th Avenue Awards are essentially the Tony Awards for high school musicals in the Seattle area, and the competition for shows is fierce.

Now that Daniel's in High School, we've been seeing more and more high school musicals, and I've got to say that the local high school productions set a standard that we never saw when I was in school.  Many of the productions I've seen this year are truly remarkable (in particular the vocal quality of the kids performing is simply amazing).

This year's Overlake School musical, "The Robber Bridegroom" has been nominated for several awards:

Outstanding Direction

Outstanding Choreography

Outstanding Scenic Design

Outstanding Costume Design (the costume designer for Overlake even designed period undergarments for the actors!)

Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Featured Ensemble Role (Brian Willingham as Little Harp)

And Honorable Mention for:

Outstanding Overall Musical Production

Outstanding Music Direction

Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role (Samantha Reising as Salome (she was absolutely hilarious))

Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Featured Ensamble Role (Linnea Xuereb as Big Harp (again, she was hilarious, especially since she was playing a disembodied head))

In addition to the nominations above, Overlake Student Race Nagley won a Special Award for Student Achievement.


The competition for these nominations is fierce, as I said above, the various local productions are pretty remarkable, it's a tribute to the remarkable quality of the Overlake production that it was nominated for so many awards.


I'm really excited to see the results.

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    Yesterday I mentioned that I was going to the 5th Avenue High School Musical Theater awards show. I’m

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