Two Bloggy Shoutouts

I wanted to shout out to two bloggers I read religiously but haven't commented on.


The first is Ryan Bemrose, who writes as the Audio Fool.  Ryan's been writing a bunch about signal quality and DSP in audio (which makes sense since he's one of the testers working on the audio quality tests in Vista).


The other one is Jeff Jones Security Blog.  Jeff's been having a huge amount of fun(?) slicing and dicing security vulnerability counts across a bunch of different products.  He also writes about other random security issues.  Jeff's written a number of "wow, I can't believe he wrote that" posts, but he's got the numbers to back them up.  He very rarely takes a "our platform is better" position (because frankly, it's pointless), he just puts numbers out there and says "make up your own mind".  His most recent post (analyzing vulnerability trends across the past 5 years) was fascinating (it's clear from the numbers that the bad guys have shifted their focus from vulnerabilities in the OS to vulnerabilities in the application space (across all operating systems).  Anyone who has been looking at the various vulnerability reporting lists over the past year has clearly seen this, but it's interesting seeing the data laid out clearly.  This is also not very surprising - in general operating systems have gotten harder and harder to attack, so the bad guys have shifted their focus from the operating system to the application space.


Anyway, enjoy 🙂

Comments (2)

  1. Ryan Bemrose says:

    Aw, gee, Larry.  Now I won’t be able to fit my ego down the hallway.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mmm, Bemrose isn’t that common a last name, or at least it isn’t to my knowledge.

    What are the chances that two R. Bemrose’s read Larry’s blog?

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