WASAPI documentation online

I've known this for a while, but forgot to mention it.  The documentation for the WASAPI interfaces (core audio interfaces in Vista) are now available on MSDN.


The documents aren't final, but they're likely to be pretty close.


Now I can start talking about how you use these thingys.


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  1. Lauren Smith says:


    Sorry, just getting it out of my system.

  2. Richard Berg says:

    Woohoo.  Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of ASIO.  (Not that I have anything against Steinberg or their APIs, but being a small Mac-centric company they never got the widespread support that a solid, multi-channel, low-latency interface deserves.)

  3. Drakier says:

    Hahaha.. you’re thoughts are exactly what I was going to post..

    every single time I see WASAPI, I immediately think of that beer commercial and …


  4. Tim says:

    Wow, WASAPI looks really cool. I’m definately going to have to play around with that when I install Vista.

  5. Ah yes, that one:


    Alas, most American restaurants serve *imitation* wasabi, made of horseradish. 🙁


    But HORSERAAAAADISH doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily (pun intended)

  6. Herbert Swearengen says:

    I am the author of low-cost audio automation software used to provide background music for stores among other things. The application is written in Visual Basic 2005 and uses the Media Player ActiveX to play the audio files.

    I’ve been testing on Vista and up to the latest build have had absolutely no problems. But now Microsoft has introduced a logon sound that cannot be turned off–it’s not an external wav file so it cannot be deleted. And despite protests, they have flatly stated that the sound is part of the Vista Experience and they will not provide anyway to turn it off (no registry settings or group policy).

    I really, really don’t want the logon sound to play to a store full of shoppers when the PC running the software crashes and reboots.

    My question, to anyone that might be able to answer, is is there anything in WASAPI that might be of help. I can code in VB.NET and C# but not much C/C++.

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