He’s Back (for a little bit)

He's back (sort-of).

I've been back from vacation for a 2 weeks but I've been a bad blogger Larry->slaps_wrist(Larry).  What's worse is that I'm going to be gone for two more weeks starting next Monday (part of the reason I've not gotten back into the saddle).

On the other hand, the trip to DC/New York was awesome - I haven't had that much fun in a really long time.

We started in Williamsburg/Jamestown, everyone was bright and chipper.

By the time the group had pulled into New York, things were somewhat different:

But not too tired to have a bit of fun:

I've still got somewhare around 1500 photos to go through, and I've got to finish them before I leave on my next vacation next week :).


At the end of the trip, Daniel and I met James Blunt's band on the train from New York to DC (they were playing at the WBOS Earthfest in Boston) - we didn't meet Mr. Blunt, but we did several members of his band - they were really nice guys, especially given that they'd been on the road for 5 months at this point - very cool, in a sort-of Scoblizer kinda way (I don't usually meet interesting people on trips).


Anyway, time to get back into the blogging saddle again.  At least for a little while.  I've not forgotten the going faster articles 🙂

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  1. Anonymous says:

    > I’ve not forgotten the going faster articles 🙂

    Yes you have.  We saw your comment on your colleague’s blog

    where you said you installed f o   u     r

    c    o      p       i        e        s

    o      f






  2. Actually I didn’t install 4 copies of Vista (although I have 4 machines running Vista in my office).

    I said I had four vista enlistments – 4 different copies of the source code to Vista on my machine for different work items I’m working on.

  3. Manip says:

    All four related to the audio stack? … Or are you branching out?

    (I didn’t read the ref. blog comment)

  4. Anonymous says:


    Larry, I’m shocked.  A holiday and two weeks without blogging and then *this* … (pun intended)

  5. Anonymous says:

    I hope you are using the Windows Photo Gallery in Vista to organize and edit your pictures 🙂

    -Jeu George

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