Katamari ‘R Filler

For Christmas, we got the kids a PS2, they've been having a great deal of fun with it.

On Raymond’s recommendation, I also got a copy of Katamari Damacy, which IS the most messed up video game ever.  Daniel’s beaten it, I’m only about halfway through it, but it’s huge fun.  One of the things I like the best about it is that it's got an awesome soundtrack. I keep on having the “daa da na na na na na na, na na na Damacy” soundtrack running through my head.

Valorie, on the other hand is somewhat addicted to the various Oberon Media games on the MSN zone, one of her current favorites is a game called “Filler”.  She was playing it the other night, and I was watching her play (I like to watch others play video games) when we looked up at each other and said “Hey, that’s the Katamari Damacy music!”.

It’s played with chimes at a much slower tempo, but it’s still the Katamari Damacy music. Cool.

Comments (4)

  1. It’s so surreal it’s good.

  2. Miral says:

    Sadly Katamari Damacy never came out in PAL format.  I’ve been playing We Love Katamari though, which is lots of fun.  Haven’t beaten it yet though, because ICO is sapping all my time (that’s just an awesome game).

  3. Colin says:

    You can get mp3s of the soundtrack from here, should be fair use if you own the game. I think…


  4. I got Katamari on a friend’s suggestion, and never looked back.  It’s hands-down the most fun game I’ve played on the PS2.  And I believe there’s a sequel called "We Love Katamari" that you can get as well.

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