Please note that I reserve the right to choose which suggestions I write on, and I'm not likely to write about things I don't know about.

Topics I feel comfortable writing about (in no specific order):

  • Microsoft History
  • Windows Audio (if I don't know the answer I can find it)
  • Microsoft Exchange, and email in general
  • The Win32 APIs, but not the Win32 GUI APIs (I'm not a UI programmer)
  • Software engineering
  • Debugging tricks and tips
  • Security - but NOT about specific exploits etc - there are legal issues involved that I'm not willing to push.
  • COM, DCOM, RPC, etc
  • The .Net framework (although there are others far better at that than I)
  • Localization/Internationalization issues

Topics I don't feel comfortable writing about:

  • Legal issues.
  • Internet Explorer (there are others better suited to write about that)
  • Windows GUI (ask Raymond, he knows that stuff, I don't)
  • Why doesn't my code work? (Unless the reason it doesn't work demonstrates a general principal)
  • Longhorn specifics (including multimedia in Longhorn)