So apparently there’s a "football" game going on this weekend?

I thought we were done with football this year, but apparently not 🙂


Actually, this Superbowl is somewhat problematic for me.  I grew up in Albany, NY, which has absolutely no professional sports teams at all.  So I never really understood the whole "fandom" thing.  Yeah, there were the Jets and the Giants, and the Mets and Yankees, but they were all over a hundred miles away, so weren't particularly relevant to me.

Then I got to Pittsburgh, in the fall of 1980.  The Steelers had just won four Superbowls in a row, and the town was hot with the "One for the Thumb in '81" slogan.  I had never seen such a sports induced furvor, it was quite amazing to me.  Slowly, I began to become a fan of the Steelers (even though they didn't do particularly well in the early 80's).

Then I moved to Seattle, with the Sonics, Seahawks and Mariners.  Ok the Mariners were a joke, but the Seahawks were doing pretty darned well under Chuck Knox, and the Sonics were decent teams.

Over time, I began to learn to love the Mariners, and the Seahawks sucked more and more (the Nordstrom family sold the team to a guy from California, who didn't really want to own the team, so...).


Fast Forward to 2006, and look what's happening: It's the Seahawks and the Steelers.



Well, at least I finally will be watching a Superbowl for something other than the ads :).

Go <Insert Team Here>!!!!!!!


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  1. Me says:

    Don’t worry. It’s not really a game because it’s just the Seahawks

  2. Rick Schaut says:

    Having grown up in Green Bay, WI, I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum–cheese head and all. On any given Sunday during the football season, you’re likely to see me rooting for two teams: the Green Bay Packers and which ever team is playing the Chicago Bears.

    Which leads me to pick a nit: the Steelers have not ever won four superbowls in a row. They won two in 1975 and 1976, then won two more in 1979 and 1980. No team has ever won more than two superbowls in a row, though there’s a strong likelihood that the Green Bay Packers would have won three in a row had the first superbowl been held a year earlier. By the time SuperBowl II was played, the Packers had won three NFL championships in a row.

  3. Dan McKinley says:

    Do me a favor and keep a tight grip on your Steeler fandom (which is suspect if you think they won “four in a row”). I am a western Pennsylvania expatriate, and trust me, we have nothing else going for us around there but the “Stillers.”

  4. moose says:

    seeeeachickens 😛

  5. TimMisiak says:

    I have a similar quandry as to who I should cheer for. I live near Pittsburgh, but I spend my summers in Redmond as an intern, so I fully intend on being a Seahawks fan eventually. 🙂

  6. Hey Moose: Piksberg Squealers.

    Nya Nya Nya 🙂

  7. Moi says:

    The only big football game this weekend was Chelsea/Liverpool. Or England/Wales if you’re Welsh. Or…

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