And the blog goes dark (just for a while, I’ve not retired or been fired :))

I'm about to leave for my much needed Christmas-time vacation, I'll be back east with the family, so I'm not planning on writing any new posts until next year.


Y'all have a great holiday season, y'hear?


Comments (4)

  1. Have a good one, Larry. Enjoy your time with the rest of us on the East Coast. Happy holidays!

  2. Matthew says:


    I’ve only started reading your blog this past Fall. I am a programmer and musician and have really enjoyed your explanations of the history of windows audio and whats coming in Vista. Thanks again enjoy your vacation.


  3. Norman Diamond says:

    Don’t you mean quiet? Isn’t dark used for blogs of video system designers?

  4. Holy potatoes, I think he meant it

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