Da Goat Horns

Raymond's post the other day about a giant inflatable bunny that showed up in his office finally prompted me to get off my duff and borrow a scanner from the PM in my group so I could scan in this picture:

Larry wearing the goat horns hat

The scan's pretty horrible, but you get the idea (I was so skinny back then :)). 

The "Goat Horns" were the NT 3.1 team's idea of "Whimsical embarrassment" - basically when you broke the build, you had to wear the goat horns for the next couple of days (or until someone else broke the build).

The original goat horns got lost a year or so after we shipped NT 3.1, but we had a "wake" for Windows NT back in 2000 (when it was renamed Windows 2000), and someone went out and bought a new set of goat horns for me to wear for the party (I was the first recipient of the goat horns, and somehow I managed to become permanently associated with them).  The 2nd generation horns are currently sitting in a box in my office somewhere (I think :))


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  1. Jaz says:

    I said it on C9 but you really cheered me up. keep blogging

  2. Manip says:

    hmm must think of a Longhorn joke… 🙂

  3. Adam Barr says:

    Nice picture! The wake was in November 1998, I know since I used it as the story to end my book. If you think about it, it couldn’t have been in 2000, since the product was done by December 1999. Well, I suppose the WAKE could have been in 2000 (except it wasn’t, it was in 1998), but the actual product change had to have happened earlier (despite some non-Microsofties who think changing the name of the product is trivial from a technical point of view, it’s actually quite complicated with all the help text, messages, bitmaps, etc. involved).

    – adam

  4. TC says:

    So sorry about your right arm, Larry.

    Wouldn’t a prosthesis help?


  5. . says:

    Doesn’t it count as mobbing ?

  6. John says:

    I just watched the video interview you did last year and you pointed out some of your manipulative puzzles. Could you provide some more information on the large, chess piece shaped puzzle that you picked up and pointed out?

  7. goatly says:

    um…those are steer horns, not goat 🙂

  8. Eric Kochhar says:

    I heard from Gary Kimura that everyone hated wearing the horns and tried to get rid of them as soon as possible. But, he said that you loved wearing them for some reason and no one knew why. So, I’m curious why you enjoyed them so much.

  9. Think of it as a mark of defience.

    I often get oppositional in that way.

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