@#$@#$ When will people learn about the dancing bunnies/bears…

Yeah, I said I was on vacation, but this is SO depressing.  I just saw this on the front page of MSNBC.COM.

It describes a new varient of Sober, which is forwarded as an executable contained in a .ZIP file.

I wrote about the issue back in July, but it's still depressing/annoying to see things like this still going around.


Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled turkey-day.


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  1. MSDN Archive says:

    I thought it was "dancing pigs". Dancing bears are for deadheads.

    For "dancing bunnies" your blog comes in second on both MSN Search and Google.

    A little turkey might mellow you out. Have a more relaxing Thanksgiving.

    – Drew

  2. Dan says:

    People will just never learn.

  3. James Risto says:

    I find it a little embarrassing to explain to friends/neighbors why, with the technology we work in, SPAM and bunnies are still around. I try analogies like in the real world, you can move away from war zones. In cyberspace, everyone lives together … perhaps this is a good human nature exhibit. I digress … we should take heart. We already have under our noses one solution in practice … game consoles. Dedicated function, updateable from a central source, and viola, no viruses. Tradeoff … can’t run anything you want.

  4. Adam says:

    No dancing Turkey? I’m very disappointed.

  5. Jeff Parker says:

    They never will learn. I had been expecting this, well another emailed virus anyway. It has been too long since one went around. Most virus writers have been focusing on worms or web exploits. I knew people were getting very lax in thier email again. How quickly people forget the dancing bunnies and are eager to be entertained again. Now the fact that this comes from the FBI or CIA actually shows us the state of the country as well. Every day we here more and more about homeland security and so on and how they are invading our privacy and they are investigaing people online etc. So really it is no shock that people believe that the FBI would track where we are going on the internet or so the variants I have seen of this virus are claiming. I think this virus has a two fold message. One beware the dancing bunnies. Two our own governments has freaked enough people out by doing rediculous things that enough people are willing to believe it. We are not the only government doing stupid things that absolutely mean nothing in the way of security and only cause panick and confusion. See Bruce Scheiers article on Australian Minister http://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2005/11/australian_mini.html

  6. Jeff Parker says:

    Oh yeah, and Happy thanksgiving Larry!!!

  7. Outlook already blocks access to file attachments with executable suffixes.

    How hard would it be to block access to .zip attachments containing .exe’s?

    Even if a .zip file is encrypted, the list of contents is still available.

  8. Developer says:

    "How hard would it be to block access to .zip attachments containing .exe’s? "

    And then how the hell would you send exes when you have to?

  9. Mike Dunn says:

    Users will never learn. If user education actually worked, we wouldn’t need things like phishing filters in our browsers. 😉

  10. Norman Diamond says:

    The one that someone sent my wife didn’t look like dancing bunnies, it looked like a bounce of undeliverable mail. That came about a day after she had received a real bounce of real undeliverable mail, and around three weeks after a previous real bounce of real undeliverable mail. Fortunately she didn’t recognize the sender’s name and she asked me for help. Now suppose the forged sender’s name had been someone she knew.

  11. JN says:

    Turkey-day?? As in "it is hard to fly with the eagles when you work with turkeys"? 😉

  12. > And then how the hell would you send exes when you have to?

    You WOULDN’T.


    Under any circumstances.

    Seriously, though… couldn’t you just rename the file to version_3.exe_disabled and then instruct the recipient to take off the _disabled?

    (/me predicts that virus writers will start using this technique, now that I’ve mentioned it publicly…)

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