The Amazing Race: Family Edition, first impressions (no serious spoilers)


I think I'm going to like it - the kids aren't as bad as I had feared (the Gaghan kids are cute, although I thought "She'll be coming 'round the mountain" was cruel (and funny)).  The Gaghan girl (Carissa) is 9 going on 20.  Oh, and "Sorry I couldn't participate more" "Get used to it, dork!" - it had us in stitches for about 5 minutes.

I'm wondering if the SUV's are going to be kept for the entire race - that might make things quite interesting, actually.

The Paolo family is going to drive me nuts.

I actually like the Schroeder family, Dad's sense of humor reminds me of my father's 🙂

I'm hoping that the pink ladies tone the screaming down a bit.

I'm finding myself rooting for the Aiello's, although Dad looks like his shoulders are somewhere above his ears.


Oh, and Kevin and Drew make a cameo!  That was awesome (it almost made the entire show for me), even if nobody but the Paolo kid seemed to recognise them.  If this continues, it'll be awesome.

In general, not bad - different from the normal TAR, but not bad at all.


Hopefully this is sufficiently spoiler-free for the people who don't get to see the show live.

Edit: Added "get used to it" comment, I'd forgotten it last night.


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  1. Anonymous says:


    I knew you were referring to a reality show as i started reading and couldn’t figure out which one. As I kept reading finally it hit me right in the middle that TAR is nothing but "The Amazing Race".

    Is this still on? The last time i saw it was in 2002 in the states. Hmm.. kind of making me nostalgic and bringing back my atlanta memories.

    I read about your dad and am sorry for your loss. Remembering they are always there for you and are protecting you and your family would help to cope better. Think Dad in place of God. For me its Mom.

  2. Anonymous says:


    I am disappointed to see the "black family" (was that their real surname or because of color???) drop so soon. Now that it’s going to be more or less all-white show that’s definetely a negative point for this race even though I don’t even know single black person in person.

    Now I’ll be rooting for the other family with young kids.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Who are Kevin and Drew?

    Yes, "Black family" is their real surname, although it certainly seemed borderline offensive every time they put it up there.

    How can they keep their SUV’s the entire race? They aren’t going on a plane? They ARE leaving the country, right?

  4. Kevin and Drew were "Fraternity Brothers" from TAR Season 1.

    I know they leave the US to go to central america at one point, but the entire race is in the americas this time (because of the kids, I believe).

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