No post today, prepping for my presentation :( <EOM>

And community server seems to believe that I need to provide content.

So, to make it happy, I'll provide content.

It won't be interesting content, but it WILL be content.

Sorry about that 🙂


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  1. Jeff Parker says:

    No problem Larry.

    Hey I was thinking of something about your backwards compatability and how long should you keep API’s. Maybe when you get time you could elaborate on another situation with that. This year Indiana has voted to go along with Daylight Savings Time. Where previously they did not. Microsoft even has a Eastern (Indiana) Time Zone. Now would this go away? Why would you keep it? And more importantly are they going to patch it since there is no longer and Indiana time zone. What does Microsoft do if an API specifically affects a culture and the culture changes.

    Just a suggestion, something I am curious about. Since I went to Purdue I know a lot about the old Indiana time. When I heard they were changing I was wondering how a shift like this would affect API’s and do they still then remain valid.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m using this misc story to post a rant about Windows Setup.

    Why oh why are countries and time zones + keyboard layouts not cross linked?

    First Windows Setup asks me my nationality, I respond ‘United Kindon’… Setup is *SO* smart that it doesn’t change the default time zone to GMT & UK Keyboard Layout; instead I have to manually select all three.

    Now I absolutely agree that not *ALL* people who select UK will want to use GMT and a UK keyboard layout but it could at least make those the defaults for the vast majority of the people that do each time…

  3. michkap says:

    Thanks for picking up my messages, Larry.

    Ok, just kidding. 🙂

    Seriously, Jeff see and manip see for a few answers to some of the very good questions and issues you raise.

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