Microsoft Careers – Meet Our People: Larry

Dare and KC have already mentioned this, but...

They've just updated the Microsoft Careers "Meet our People" website with about a dozen new people.

Someone (I have absolutely no idea who) suggested that I'd make a good addition to the page, so there's my shining mug up there.  I think it's cool that they clipped off the top of my head so it makes me look like I have more hair than I really do 🙂

I'm actually tickled that someone thought to include me, it was pretty cool - basically I met with a photographer and a PR person in one of the Microsoft buildings, we spent about an hour taking photos.  Later on, I had a phone interview with a tech writer, and later on I edited the "transcript" of the interview.

I'll be honest and say that the quotes are somewhat more "HR-ish" than what I actually said, but they're sufficiently close as makes no difference.  And they're much better than the first version (especially the "Opening Doors" response - that one sounded nothing like me in the original version).

The whole process was SO much fun 🙂

And about the jello story.  The tug of war was a result of a bet between management and development about resolving bugs, not between dev and test - it's a nit, but...


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  1. Eric K says:

    So, is must have been your popularity that brought down all of the links on the "Meet our People" site :). I’d love to read the interview but as of right now it’s just "The Server was not able to process your request, or is temporarily busy." You sure you didn’t say something the legal department is trying to cover up!

  2. Something about nerds splashing around in Jell’O gets me a little queasy, but it’s all good.

    You don’t need hair up there. It would ruin your image, the stereotype of the teddy bear geek who’s been doing computers long enough to have helped Babbage with his gear layouts. There’s one in every dev group I’ve ever been in, probably because every dev group needs one.

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