Stress reduction

Someone at work passed this around, it's a relaxing moment for our hectic days.

It made me laugh, so...



Edit: Since Sanjay's still getting hits from this one, a bit more info's involved.

It turns out that Sanjay wasn't posting that to post an ironic commentary on the "scare people"  meme, instead he posted it to subtly announce his new venture,


Comments (18)

  1. I sat there for probably a full minute waiting for something to jump out and spook me.

  2. Arta says:

    Me too!

    ho hum.

  3. That’s what made me laugh. I sat there waiting for the spooky bit and waited.. And waited…

    I don’t know, somehow it was just silly.

  4. Its weird. I checked it few hours ago and the picture had a line below which went something like "Enjoy Life till the very Last" and the "t" from Last was only partial (vertically sliced off). That did kinda crack me up… and of course had me pondering on the deeper sense of that whole statement.

    Now that statement seems to be missing (at least doesnt show up for me). Staring at that picture doesnt make sense. It just makes me miss Florida!

  5. Drew says:

    I think the text was removed because people were kidding Sanjay about being morbid. It said "live every day as if it were your last" or something to that effect. It’s not quite as creepy/funny without the text.

  6. Cheong says:

    Oops. I cannot open the page… Is the server shutdowned? :O

  7. Chris says:

    I’m still waiting for something to jump out. Why else would this beach picture be a Flash movie instead of a simple JPEG? There must be something interactive or time-based.

    well, I was wrong. I used ActionScript Viewer to disassemble the Flash movie. There is nothing in there except the picture and a (now empty) text string.

  8. paulr says:

    actaully that image was very similar to my trip to mexico last week 🙂

  9. Gusto says:

    I actually really liked the music. However I didn’t recognize the piece. Would someone enlighten me?

  10. Vincent says:

    I would like to know the name of the piece too 🙂

    I’ve sent awhile but have had no luck.

  11. Joku says:

    Same here, waited for something to jump out for a while.

    However then I noticed that why the there’s a sun-shade or what you call it and the two chairs aren’t even in the shade? I guess this looks cooler but doesn’t make much sense.

    Cool music though.

  12. Passerby says:

    Wow, I just checked this website out again … had no clue he was about to provide thought leadership to the enterprise security space!

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