OT: The Woodinville Family Preschool hits 23 this month

Valorie just pointed out that the preschool that both our kids attended, Woodinville Family Preschool just hit 23 years old this month.

The WFP is a cooperative pre-school located in a residential neighborhood off of Woodinville.  It's run by Cecile Mielenz as an adjunct of Shoreline Community College.

I can't say too much about WFP - the program there isn't about providing a break for parents, instead the program is really about teaching parents how to be better parents, and about preparing kids for entry into school.

In many ways, the parent education is just as important (or more important) as the kid education - many (most) of us don't naturally have the skills to deal with kids when we have them and programs like this help.


If you have toddler age kids in the Woodinville, WA area, I strongly suggest you check them out.


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