OMG, I’ve been slashdotted!

Wow.  I came in and yesterdays (and Wednesdays) post were on the front page of /.

I know that because I came in and found 40+ messages waiting moderation.  My first thought was that it was comment spam.  I looked at the first of them, realized it wasn’t, so I figured someone had picked up the article.  Wandered over to slashdot, and what do you know, I’m on the front page 🙂

I’m wading through the comments right now, but I do want to point any slashdot readers to my comment policy.  It’s on the front page, but people might not click on it.

The bottom line is that I try to be REALLY tolerant of comments.  I’ve only moderated three or four non-spam comments in over 200+ posts and 2500ish comments.

But I do request that the discussion remain civil, “Microsoft is teh suk” posts will be moderated.

The other thing that will be moderated is foul language.  I don’t tolerate it on my blogs comments, this is a family blog, and I feel pretty strongly about this issue.


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  1. Akaina says:

    So then by OMG, I’ll assume you mean Oh My Gosh 😉 j/k

    We love you Larry

  2. Akaina: No, I mean "Oh my goodness, I’ve been slashdotted".


  3. Moose says:

    How about "slashdot is teh suck" :-P.

  4. Esther, for you, anything’s possible 🙂

  5. Jeff Parker says:

    Chuckles, I seen that as well I know the blogs here could handle the /. traffic unfortunately they also took down one of my other favorite sites today. The boolpool post about Knuth’s Volume 4 The Art of Computer Programming dropped bookpool to its knees today. I try to order a new book every friday. So that way I get it by next friday. Have you read any of Knuth’s books Larry? Just curious how they are. I have never read them before.

  6. I’ve got a 2nd edition of the first and second and a first edition of the 3rd on my bookshelf.

    They’re interesting reference manuals, but I never go to them. The problem is that they’re REALLY math heavy, and very light on practical solutions – they’re good to have, but as general purpose books, I’d prefer the Sedgewick algorithms book, or other alternatives.

  7. 1. In Soviet Russia, Netcraft confirms a beowulf cluster od Windows 3.0 digitally signed by old Korean hot grits imagining you is dying… in Japan!

    2. ???

    3. Profit! (you insensitive clod).

  8. Eberlin says:

    Slashbot Rhyme

    I make a dash to the Slash to the D-O-T

    Coz them news for nerds makes sense to me

    So let this serve as a warning to the spammers and trolls

    You may have a fat pipe but you ain’t got bawls.

    There’s a new manifesto by ESR

    And the stats of the watts of a hybrid car

    I gots love for Perens and miguel, et al

    And I voted CowboyNeal on the Slashdot Poll

    I’m Microsoft bashin’ like every single day

    Coz the OS got holes and Exploder’s teh gay

    Now SCO’s talkin’ trash so I give firefox a ride

    To reply as a Coward so I can hate on McBride

    I will flame you with language I won’t say to your face

    And I bet you can’t guess who gots all your base

    There’s one way to know if your server is rotting

    Just post a link and you’ll get a slashdotting

    You can mod me down coz I’m a karma whore

    And I’m a decorated veteran of a recent flame war

    Where they fought about an app with a K or a G

    And a heated debate on what was meant by “Free”

    As a slashbot, when Linux receives a threat,

    My palms begin to sweat and my evil bit is set

    You best believe I’ll be posting a rant

    And I’ll be surfin’ Slashdot ’til my mom says I can’t.

  9. Anonymous Coward, you didn’t work in the welcoming of our new overlords. Neither did you find Osterman’s ideas intriguing and wish to subscribe to his newsletter.

    YOU FAIL IT!!!!!!1