Kitten Pictures…

Yesterday a bunch of people asked for pictures of the kittens.  We don't have any current ones, but these are a couple I took a while ago...

This is Spazz and Aphus in our master bathroom - Spazz figured out how to jump onto that ledge when he was about 8 months old, and he now includes it as a part of his territory.  None of the other kittens is brave (read: stupid) enough to jump up there...

And the 3rd of the kittens, Inque is in this picture:

Yes, he's hanging onto a window screen.

Edit: Corrected Inque's name (sorry about that Inque)...  Sigh.


Comments (13)

  1. Me says:

    Two called Spazz?

  2. Jared Ramey says:

    HAHA! Those are great. 🙂

  3. Great lookin’ Monsters of Cuteness you have there! Looks like Aphus might be preparing to kick Spazz’ butt.

    Thanks Larry

  4. Sorry for the delay, but I’ve just now noticed the inconsistency. You say that the first photo is in your master bathroom. But look at that that ledge, there’s a jumper on it. Doesn’t the location of that jumper change it into a slave bathroom?

  5. Ethernet cable for sale.

    Formerly cat 5, meaning it could handle 100000000 bits per second. Now just cat, meaning it couldn’t handle being bit.

    Conditions of sale: Cable is returnable if you decide you don’t need it any more. Cat is not returnable, no matter how much you decide you don’t need her. Cat is not severable from contract, no matter how much severing she does.

    Life expectancy: Uncertain but far more than 9. She’s bit power cables and survived too.

  6. Man, that bites Norman 🙂

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