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  1. Laura T. says:

    I’d love to see you writing more about Microsoft’s past. I’ve been enjoying very much of your past articles, confronting them with the info that we outsiders had. Usually quite different.

    When I read "Longhorn", I get a deja-vu, because it reminds me the project "Cairo" (’93-’95 I think): OOFS, Objects, Communications, Components.. much of them seems to be in "Longhorn" (finally, except the OOFS, since WinFS was cut off, rightly IMHO). I’d like to hear more of it, what was it, the goals, feasiblility, reason etc.

    Also, a bit history of the big names from Microsoft, like Dave Cutler,Mark Lucovsky, Mark Zbikowski,Lou Perazzoli et al. Who they were, how they worked, how was it at that time?


  2. Akshay Kumar says:

    I would like you to write one post that clearly explains COM/COM+ Apartment threading Model and why did MS do it?

    2. About Localization and Internationalization and how to implement internationalization in DB Design?


    Akshay K

  3. Damian says:

    One subject which is usually brought up during lunch at my company is Artificial Intelligence. One of key arguments used by AI supporters is that even MS uses Prolog to detect network card in NT. I saw sometime ago article about this on MS Research but it is not available any more. But this article was about NT 3.1.

    Is Prolog still used today or it replaced by Plug and Play? Why MS decided to use Prolog?

    It seems that you were pretty close to this built-in Prolog interpreter in NT 3.1 so maybe you can throw some light on this subject.

    It is one of my favorite blogs. Thanks and keep up the good work 🙂

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