Eighteen years ago…

It was 1986.  I was working for Eric Evans at the time, working with Alan Whitney on finishing up MS-DOS 4.0 (for Goupil) and starting to get ramped up on MS-DOS 4.1.

I was also getting settled into my new office in building 2 in the new campus.  The move was "interesting" - Microsoft canceled the President's Day holiday for the move - instead of giving us all a holiday, they asked us to work through the holiday and to take the real holiday on moving day.  This prompted David Byrne's famous "Pope Gregory" memo where he compared BillG to Pope Gregory.

On the other hand, I spent moving day in Paris.  We were almost done shipping DOS 4.0, but Goupil was having some difficulties with MS-DOS 4.0 and they asked Alan and I to come to Paris to debug the system.  From my end, there was a problem on one of their machines with 4 floppy drives - my code worked fine on machines with two floppies but with 4, drive not ready errors were failing

So Alan and I flew from Seattle to LA, then back over Seattle to Paris - my first business class trip 🙂

So I've seen Paris, but only from the back seat of a Citroen 2CV and only a single whirlwind tour.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why did you choose 17 yrs to start the count up to 20? Why not from 1?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh but he has. There’s a post on 8/10 called "Three years ago today".

    It’s also mainly about the day. Nothing but crap could have happened every year except for the one year he happens to do something exciting.

    Hell I have a good enough time remembering 17 days ago, let alone 17 years. I am 25 but that’s besides the point. I should be able to remember 17 years at least to the point that I can string together a decent paragraph out of the memories. The best I can muster is a sentence or two, possibly a word here and there.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Saurabh – I thought about it, and tried it, but I wasn’t consistant, and I kept on forgetting to do it. But this week, I’m going to do it 🙂

    Also Jeremy’s right – Three years ago and four years ago didn’t change much.

    Oh, and Uncle Sam, please don’t make me turn comment moderation again.

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