My dinner with Bill

Funny coincidences.  I was thinking about writing up my experiences at the one time I was invited to Bill’s house (about 5 years ago, it was a party for 15+ year veterans), and I ran into this post from Jeff Maurone.

Jeff’s experiences pretty much mirror my own.  The house is amazing, the security is insane (he didn’t mention the discreet video cameras that cover the entire grounds).  I’m not sure he noticed the two story tall projection TV screen that’s hidden behind the tapestry in the living room (the wall of which is constructed of braided pieces of cedar).  And the Hollywood grade projection room with the plush seats and individual remote controls.  And the swimming pool and exercise room.

The public areas of the house are really more like a convention center than a living area though – yes, there are pictures of Bill and his family but…

Btw, it’s kinda funny – the most memorable part of my 15th year celebration was actually the same kind of event that Jeff mentioned – Bill’s son and his nanny (the son’s nanny, not Bill’s nanny) came down to play on the play structure before bedtime.

And Bill broke away from his guests to go over and hang with his son for about half an hour – just talking, pushing him on the swing, hanging out.  Here he had over 100 guests, and he totally ignored them while he went to play with his son.

It totally made my day, and made me realize just how much he had changed from the early days of Microsoft.  The old Bill (the Bill of “Is this thing REALLY 8 F*ing BASIC’s”) wouldn’t have snuck away from the party to spend time with his family.


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  1. Lisa says:

    I just read your post on the "old Bill."

    How did you guys feel when he said that? About as big as a squashed fly? Did you in any way see it coming? (Did you want to tell him to "do it the f*&k himself"? :-o) Or did you mostly feel challenged (in a good way) to make it even better?

    Do you ever look back on what was bleeding edge "hot stuff" a couple blinks of an eye ago (it seems), shake your head, and wonder how on earth this all happened, or are you too close to it?

  2. Lisa, Nope, I didn’t feel as big as a squashed fly. I knew that our work was going to be challenged (that’s the point of a BillG review in many ways). And I felt pretty darned good coming out of the review. We made our code even better, but that wasn’t a direct result of the meeting, it was a result of improvements to the platform that made those improvements possible.

    And you’ll have to wait until August 27th for the answer to the second question.

  3. Lisa says:

    >> I must say, the last thing I would have expected as an answer to that sorta-schmaltzy question was a TEASER. *g*

  4. I’m sorry Lisa 🙂 There’s a reason for it, believe me (the 27th is a big day for me, and I have a rather long post scheduled for it).

  5. Need a wheelbarrow for those M&Ms?

  6. Lisa says:

    Aw, no need for apologies. I thought it was hilarious, sorry if it seemed otherwise. I sat here and giggled! Then I marked my calendar. 😀

  7. M&M’s? What M&M’s? Why would I bring M&M’s in 🙂

  8. Uncle Sam says:

    Knock it off, Lisa! Larry’s married! Are you retarded?

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