It’s Opening Night Tomorrow!

Tomorrow evening, Daniel opens in his first professionally produced show!  He’s appearing in SCT’s summer season production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. 

Daniel was one of several thousand kids who auditioned for about a hundred spots during the summer session, we were SO proud when he got his part.

And to cap it off, Joseph’s been one of my favorite shows since I first did it as a choral piece back in 1970 (yeah, 34 years ago), this is Daniel’s second time appearing in the show (he did it at his school over the summer last year). 

I cannot say too much about the Seattle Children’s Theater summer season.  We saw Captain Blood and The Arrogant Kickapod there last Friday, they were awesome, and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the summer season.  These are NOT just kid shows; they’re really very high quality productions.  The Arrogant Kickapod was an absolute hoot (think Moliere’s Tartouffe, set in a summer camp, with music from a Frankie & Annette movie).

We’re also really looking forward to seeing Family Game Night this summer, since Daniel was one of the 5 kids who created the show (he was in a class called “Original Works” where the class collaboratively created the play, and Don Fleming, the instructor polished their ideas into a stageplay).  Daniel was really bummed that he didn’t get a part in that one (since he created the part of Stevie the evil hacker), but he’s pretty stoked about Joseph anyway.

If you’re interested in seeing some really awesome theater, done by kids, you can get tickets at the SCT box office, or here.


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