The suggestion box is now open!

In my “How am I doing” post, one of the suggestions was that I add a “suggestion box” a la Raymonds.

It's a great idea, so I've decided to set one up.  It can be found here.

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cooool! This is great! A rare opportunity for us to ask questions from the people at Microsoft; the people who create the tools we work on.

    A world of thanks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In the last six days or so, I’ve been re-reading the Dr.GUI’s Gentle Guide To COM, (Dr.GUI on COM and ATL) article from MSDN for another time. I do pick it up every few months and unearth a layer hitherto unknown to me. I do it because even after that reading, I still do not understand COM.

    Until two days back I had a doubt about the significance of the Class Object (aka Class Factory object), but that seemed to simmer down and I somewhat felt I was able to grab hold of my confusion and sort it out.

    However, I am not through and have a lot many doubts, most of which will lead me again to the Class Factory/Class object.

    I thought I must first read and re-read if necessary, the resources I have, so I can make good use of the time you will spend on my doubts rather than wasting it.

    I will be compiling all my questions in one of these days and will post them to the suggestion box.

    A big bouquet of thanks, Larry.

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