So how am I doing?

Well, this is my 100th post to my weblog, and since its review time at Microsoft, I figured I’d turn the forum over to my readers.

I started this weblog 4 months ago after reading Raymond’s ‘blog for several months and marveling at his ability to consistently produce interesting content.  Since I love to talk (or rant) about lots of different topics, I wanted to give this ‘blogging thing a chance.  I may write code for a living, but I’ve always enjoyed technical writing.  I’ve wanted to publish “Larry’s ranting about software” for years now (I went as far as to start work on an outline for a “Inside Windows NT Security” book to pitch to MS-Press, but eventually decided I didn’t have enough time to be a full time author).  Publishing this blog seemed to be an ideal opportunity to move forward with some form of that dream.

I’ve got to say that this self-publishing thing has been both more challenging and more exciting than I had ever realized.  Valorie can tell you that I’ve gotten pretty obsessive about coming up with new ideas for posts, there have been times that figuring out what to post has somewhat taken over my life.  It’s been a fascinating experience.

I set myself a goal on day one of producing at least one new post every day I’m at work, and so far I’ve been able to meet that goal, although sometimes it has been hard.  There are times I post at 4:00PM, especially if work’s busy, but I’ve managed to meet that goal.  Along the way, I’ve learned a huge amount from the many insightful comments that people have been made on the various articles.

Anyway, enough glurge…

Anyway, in the spirit of evaluating how we’re servicing our customers both inside and outside Microsoft, how AM I doing?  Do the things I post her meet your needs?  What is your favorite thing about what I’m doing?  What’s your least favorite thing?

And most importantly, what can I do to improve?  Feel free to either post comments on this thread, or if you’d rather send me email you can use the comments link on this blog, or you can send me email directly, my email is at LarryO (at) Microsoft.Com.


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  1. Adam says:

    As a fellow technical writer, I’d say you’re doing a fine job 🙂

    Congrats on the 100th post

  2. I really enjoy this blog. The insight into Windows and stories are great.

  3. Hi Larry,

    from a non-programmer living in Australia, I think you’re doing pretty darned good. I especially like the posts on product histories and really quite enjoy your writing style. Some of the more technical posts aren;t for me but I’m sure that for people that can program, the insights are fascinating. Keep up the good work!


  4. Skywing says:

    I think your blog is well worth reading. Technical content is always good.

  5. Should get a suggestion box like raymond.

    And if you want to be usefull, cos there is a spate of quick launch problems caused by spywear removal that PSS has no idea, tell us how QL works as it isn’t like the other bars. In XP newsgroups we’ve all put hours in (thousands of people hours), monitoring the registry and other boring comparisions, but none of us has found the problem.

    Show us your assembler debugging skills as I only can do 8086 dos api assembler and don’t have explorer’s source code and I’m not a C programmer anyway and can’t read C++ at all.

  6. Ramesh says:

    Nature of QuickLaunch problems include:

    1. Losing settings, sort order of icons in QL

    2. QL disabled on every Restart

    3. Some receive error "Unable to create toolbar error" (while the %appdata%MicrosoftInternet ExplorerQuick Launch is intact as the docs say)

    All of the above problems are seen after spyware removal. What relation does QL have with removal of a spyware or with the removal of a legit deskband?

    Thanks a ton!

  7. David Candy says:


    TaskbarWinXP is the usual place it’s kept. But not in this case.

  8. Larry,

    like your blog. one of my favourites, besides raymonds and of course the waywards…


    thomas woelfer

  9. Scott says:

    Ugh, waywards not my cup o’ Java.

    I like your blog Larry because the comments section often end up as a dialog. Rather than preaching to us and ignoring the comments, you defend your position (much like Raymond does) and in some cases (the recent Xwindows comments) learn something. More often though you teach us something. Which is what I look for in a technical blog.

  10. Florian says:

    Funny, Paul Vick had the same idea but he took it even a step further.

  11. Daniel Jin says:

    I like this blog. I just think it’s pretty cool in general to hear from microsoft insiders who are passionate about what their work. and you are a good testament of that passion. I know I bitch about microsoft product a lot less now. so with all this ass kissing, any chance of getting some major discounts? 🙂

  12. Well, this blog (and Raymond’s) is interesting to me, and I’m not even a Windows user.

    So, you must be doing something right.

  13. Chango V. says:

    Great job! I’m a big "fan" of yours (if only lurking 98% of the time)… I enjoy the historical Windows and DOS stories, also the personal ones. The technical tips are potentially very useful, especially the ones on COM and DLLs. I’d just like to see more on the CLR (lower-level issues).

    Thanks for the great blog.

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