Hey Cool! My cousin’s touring with CSN this summer!

A little known fact about me:  My cousin, Jeff Pevar is actually a famous musician.  Really.  And he even has a sort-of blog (no RSS feed though)

He’s been touring for several years as the P in “CPR” (David Crosby (yes, the David Crosby), Jeff Pevar, and James Raymond (David’s son)), and apparently this summer Jeff and James are going to be touring as members of the new Crosby Stills and Nash concert tour this summer!

From his site:

"I'd been hoping this opportunity would come around one day. After working with David and Graham in all these various combinations for over 10 years now, to have a chance to see what the synergy will be also working with Stephen, is an amazing opportunity and admittedly, a dream come true for me. I learned so much about music and inspired guitar playing from all their records, to now have a chance to work with the 3 of them together is such an honor. I am up for the challenge and ready to bring to the table whatever I can to support their incredible art"- jp

Wow!  I had heard that CSN was touring this summer, but I didn’t realize that Jeff was going to be with the band.

And they’ll be appearing in Woodinville at Chateau St. Michele on the 22nd of September!


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