It’s on the web, it must be true, right?

 This topic shamelessly stolen from my wife J

I was listening to NPR the other day and ran into this discussion of Dihydrogen Monoxide.  And that reminded me of an experience my wife had in the classroom where she works.

Valorie’s a teachers aid in a split 5/6 classroom, and they started discussing about how you need to be skeptical about the things you find on the web.  She (and the teacher) pointed out a bunch of revisionism sites, sites where they denied that the moon landing existed, etc.

And then they hit: Buy Dehydrated Water.  The kids looked at it and were fascinated.  They wanted some.  They thought it was a remarkable product.  From their FAQ:

"What kind of reaction can I expect from my cat and plant if I only feed them dehydrated water?"

Response: Dead cat.  If you only consume one type of product and nothing else, you will ruin your body.  You must have a well balanced diet; even with dehydrated water.  For plants, confirms our water promotes healthy growth.

No amount of persuading could convince them that it wasn’t real.  It was on the web, wasn’t it, and they were selling it.  How could it be a fake?

So Valorie decided to buy some for the class. 

The people at BuyDehydratedWater.Com are absolutely amazing.  They sent them 24 packages of dehydrated water, complete with instructions, and their thanks.  They also threw in a free BuyDehydratedWater.Com sweatshirt – it’s my son’s favorite attire currently.

All the students in the class absolutely loved their packages of dehydrated water.


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  1. Rick Schaut says:

    I read this to my wife, and she sheepishly asked, "Can you drown in dehydrated water?"

  2. I have pills for sale that cure gullability…

  3. Tim Marman says:

    That’s an awesome sweatshirt…. worth the price on its own.

    Are the instructions "just add water"? 🙂

  4. Actually it was an empty plastic bag with the comment: "To reconstitute, just add the contents of this package to 50 gallons of water".

    If I get a chance I’ll get a picture of it and update this post with the picture tonight when I get home.

  5. Catatonic says:

    I wonder what kind of dowsing rod you need to find dehydrated water.

  6. Mat Hall says:

    I work for a water company, and on the corporate intranet every April 1st there’s a "hilarious" fake item. This years was, indeed, dehydrated water, which they gave the brand name "L’eau Flow". There was a link for employees to click to get a free sample, and sadly about 15% of people who read the page tried to get their hands on it. Sometimes I’m ashamed of my species…

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