Bonzer mailing list of the evening :)

I thought I'd put in a plug for one of the funniest mailing lists I've seen in quite a while:  This is true.  Randy Cassingham, the moderator collects unusual stories from around the world and posts them weekly, with insiteful taglines attached.  Valorie got me hooked about a year ago, we're both subscribers to the premium edition.

Every story on the list is verified to be true.

One of my favorites is the “honorary unsub“ - it's an obituary for someone who should have been be famous that died the previous week.

Oh, and he's got an RSS Feed too so you don't need to get even more email :).


Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Late post but just read it. Itoo have been a subscriber to this is true since the late 90’s, the author is fantastic and yes all stories are true.

    I do not recomend the RSS option, I tried it for a while. but it seems I got it too soon. Instead I always send this to my work email so when I get in every Monday morning there is something always there that is fun and interesting in my inbox besides problems that happened over the weekend

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