Non Technical: She came, She saw, She kicked hiney!

So Sharron competed in her first dressage competition over the weekend.  And she utterly and absolutely rocked!

Sharron competed in two tests, the intro level A and B tests, she got 2nd place in the level A test, and 1st place in the level B test (a much harder test).  Her first score was a 54% and her second was 67%, which is a HUGE improvement across the board.

A quick aside about dressage scores:  As my wife put it this morning: “Dressage is scored on a scale of 1-10, where nobody gets above an 8 (except MAYBE in Olympic competition)”.  Intro level riders are supposed to be held to the exact same standards as the most advanced riders (that’s not always the case for schooling shows but).  So these results are just absolutely wonderful.

Sharron riding on Oliver

Anyway, I’m the proud daddy currently J


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely! Those are great scores! You should be proud. Although as fair warning, dressage is very addictive.

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